Hardchrome Plating

Hard chrome is resulted through the process of electrolyzed from a mixed of chemical that consist of (CrO3) and Sulfur acid (H2SO4) in which a certain composition with Catalytic Anion within a suitable comparison.

Hard Facing

Is a process of depositing, by one of various welding techniques, a layer or layers of metal of specific properties on certain areas of metal parts that are exposed to wear.

Thermal Spray

Which is a coating produced by a process in which molten or semi-molten particles are applied by impact onto a substrate.

Superfinishing & Microfinishing

Is an extremely versatile way to produce predictable, repeatable finishes on rolls used for variety of industrial tasks. The ability to generate consistently uniform finishes enable operators to extend roll life by eliminating the damage caused by traditional roll grinding methods. With capability of achieving micro finishing to Ra 0,025 micrometer.

Ceramic Coating

In conjunction with metal spray coatings, it can be applied to metals to form a metal/ceramic composite with a controlled thermal gradient.

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